Solar Folklore

A suspended moment in Menorca.
Lime-painted walls and azure Mediterranean skies provide the setting for a collection imagined as an ode to the sun and inspired by folklore from all over the world, here, there and elsewhere...
A tribute to the simple life, to the art of handcraft, to the beauty of the materials we work with and to the timeless delicacy of creations born of patience and know-how.

A collection with multiple references, from the woven baskets of rural Japan, the baked clay of Romania or the California Craft movement, to the work of contemporary artisans such as Jiro Yonezawa, Nancy Moore Bess or Shereen Laplantz...

Elegant, modern silhouettes, crafted with a traditional yet precious approach, where volumes and materials are magnified by the richness of textile techniques and the refinement of details. From quilting and patchwork to handmade knits, crochet details, topstitching effects and embroidery influenced by traditional methods. Rooted in a palette of organic natural tones, the creations range from shades of ecru to ochre hues, accented by violets and faded pinks, or highlighted by sun-kissed saffron and deep blacks.

Through this ode to the sun and to the beauty of world crafts, our collection is bright and inspired.

Sarah Hartog shot by Amélie Ambroise

    spring 2024
    solar folklore
    spring 2024
    solar folklore