Legal form: Simplified joint stock company (SAS)
Share capital of €61,024
Head office: 1 Rue du Capitaine Dessemond, 13007 Marseille, France
Registered with the Marseille Trade and Companies Register
Company Registration Number (SIRET): 429 204 282 00322
Intracommunity VAT number: FR35429204282
Managing editor: Emmanuelle François-Grasset
Telephone: +33 (0)4 91 72 60 60
Fax: +33 (0)4 91 72 60 70


The figures were calculated for the period between January 1 st , 2023 and December 31 st , 2023
Overall score: 96/100
Pay gap indicator: 36/40
Individual increase rate gap indicator: 35/35
Maternity leave return indicator: 15/15
High pay indicator: 10/10


OVH, simplified joint stock company (SAS) with capital of €10,059,500
Registered with the Lille Métropole Trade and Companies Register under no. 424 761 419 00045
Principal Activity Code (APE): 6202A
Intracommunity VAT number: FR22 424 761 419
Head office: 2 Rue Kellermann,
59100 Roubaix

Web design and development

Agence Web Nateev, SARL with capital of €120,000
Registered with the Saint-Etienne Trade and Companies Register under no. 529 136 764 00030
Head office:
51 Rue Sibert,
42400 Saint-Chamond

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Editorial Spring 2023: Valentin Hennequin

Look-book Sessun Wedding: Denis Boulze

Eshop: Estelle Rancurel

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Consumer Ombudsman

In the event of a complaint relating to a purchase made from Sessùn, the purchaser customer must address their claim in writing to Sessùn or on its website, specifying and justifying in full and in writing the grounds for the claim. Claims will NOT be considered if the items have been used. No “spontaneous” returns made without Sessùn's prior agreement will be accepted.

If the complaint is not resolved after such a claim, the purchaser customer may choose to use an alternative method of resolving the complaint, including mediation via the Centre de la Médiation de la Consommation de Conciliateurs de Justice platform:

- by post at the following address: CM2C,14 Rue Saint Jean, 75017 Paris, France or

- by email: or

- online at:

For any further information on the mediation procedure, the purchaser customer can visit CM2C’s website ( or contact CM2C directly by telephone on +33 (0)1 89 47 00 14.

The client can use the European online dispute resolution platform: