Fresh, young and carefree - a beautifully soft breeze whispers through the Sessùn x Sebago® collaboration this summer.

Enamored with freedom and expert craftsmanship, united by the sea and a passion for off-the-beaten-track adventure, we share a profound appreciation for the essentials: confident, clean lines, handcrafted work and meticulous attention to detail, all epitomizing simple elegance, modern and inspired.

In this suede patchwork edition, Sessùn introduces a fresh interpretation of the iconic Ranger style in a colorful, feminine version.

Sebago’s excellence shines through in the durable topstitching, signature laces, and EVA lug soles, ensuring flawless traction.

Sessùn lends its compositional flair, pairing three velvety-feel leather hues with artisanal details such as colored topstitching and fancy laces woven from intertwined threads.

From our encounter emerges a boat shoe as bold as it is comfortable, designed to accompany you on every escapade, wherever it may lead.