sessùn craft prize

The story of Sessùn is intimately linked to art and craftsmanship, nourished by a profound love of beauty, hand crafting and creation in all its forms. 

From the design of our stores to the decor in our head office, from our curation work to our cartes blanches, we are dedicated not only to the preservation of traditional techniques but also to supporting contemporary design.

Over the passing years, our universe has developed into a true art de vivre as we have cultivated relationships with an amazing, ever-expanding community of artisans and artists.

That is why in 2023, we decided to establish the Sessùn Craft Prize. Driven by our desire to promote artisan skills and craftsmanship, the prize aims to support a whole new generation of designers and showcase their endeavors.

This international competition, open to students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, is organized in collaboration with a structure in Marseille called Massilia that encourages young designers to express their vision, offering them guidance and support with the development of their professional project.

craft prize 2024

This new edition of the Sessùn Craft Prize invites young designers to create a ‘masterpiece’ pendant luminaire intended to decorate and illuminate the main meeting room at Sessùn's headquarters. The generously dimensioned hanging creation will grace the largest conference room in our offices which hosts presentation collections, multi-department meetings and important corporate celebrations.

Conceived to harmonize with the warm atmosphere of the Sessùn brand and its ethos, the winning luminaire design will be selected based on technical feasibility and eco-friendliness, along with the potential for a future version of the design to appear in Sessùn stores.

the jury

Assessed by a jury comprised of fashion, crafts and design professionals, the projects are judged on their creativity, feasibility and compliance with the brief, as well as their eco-friendliness and functional aspect.

Julie Aleman

Director of Development at Sessùn

Pauline Chardin

Photographer and artistic director

Nathalie Dewez

Designer and founder of Massilia Design

Gabriel Escámez

Interior designer and designer, founder of Cobalto Studio

Emma François Grasset

Sessùn’s Founding President and Artistic Director

Capucine Guhur

Interior designer and designer, Winner of the 1st Sessùn Craft Prize 2023

Isabelle Moisy Cobti

Editorial Director of Tools magazine

Madeleine Oltra & Angelo de Taisne

Interior designers and designers

edition 2024

The theme of this 2024 edition was to create a ‘masterpiece’ hanging luminaire intended to illuminate and decorate the main conference room at the brand's headquarters.

With her Filacea project, a sculptural suspension made of braided creels and lacquered wooden spheres, Elodie Guichaoua pays tribute to the ancestral art of fishing and the vernacular know-how of Mediterranean basket weavers. She connected her personal story with the world of Sessùn to exalt the light as a precious heritage, thereby winning First Prize of the 2024 Sessùn Craft Prize.

Originally from Brittany, Elodie Guichaoua trained in upholstery in Auray, later in architecture at EFET in Paris, before becoming an interior architect and designer.

edition 2023

For its inaugural edition, the Sessùn Craft Prize invited participants to imagine a space to accommodate one or two people and allow them to self-isolate, whether for work or relaxation purposes. It would be a sort of intimate protective cocoon, designed to blend seamlessly into the shared workspace located on the 3rd floor of Sessùn’s headquarters in Marseille.

The first prize went to the architect and designer Capucine Guhur for her project La Récolte (The Harvest), a micro-architecture inspired by vernacular constructions and crafted from ‘skirts’ made of plants. This organic handmade capsule, constructed from Camargue straw, is now available for our staff to enjoy fully.

Having graduated from the Camondo School in 2019, Capucine Guhur loves to experiment with different techniques and materials, drawing inspiration from antique lines which she revisits with a contemporary approach.