Our suppliers

Driven by our love of the handmade, we are committed to always favoring the artisan over the industrial. That's why we choose our suppliers carefully, for their know-how, their commitment, their vision... and whenever possible, we call on small structures, master craftsmen or companies that keep traditional techniques alive.

We develop relationships of trust with our suppliers, true partnerships that we seek to anchor over the long term - often more than ten years! - which go beyond mere business agreements. We have forged strong human bonds with them, and are proud to contribute to their economic stability, their development and the sustainability of their activities.

our production
Sao Jao de Madeira

Sao Jao de Madeira, a Portuguese company that specialises in shoemaking, has risen to the challenge of even our most complex requests for over 15 years.

where are our products made?

We believe in the wealth of local know-how around the world, and are committed to preserving it. That's why we continue to work with our suppliers, whose ancestral know-how enables us to produce high-quality products, whether we're talking about intricate knits in China, embroidery in India or our wool cloths in Italy. With a commitment to promoting the local economy and reducing the environmental impact of our collections, we maintain most of our production nearshore and always prioritize transport by sea and rail.

In 2023, 37% of our articles were produced nearshore, 30% in Europe, 33% in Asia.

France Italy Bulgaria Portugal Turkey Marocco Tunisia India China

We are proud to contribute to the maintenance and development of the French textile industry, rich with specific expertise and unique family businesses. We work with fashion contractors, for our leather sandals, for example, as well as with suppliers of buttons and fabric.


Porto Region, Portugal

This is where we make all our shoes, as we always have done – except for our leather sandals. This is also where one of our most committed and longstanding partners is based, who makes all our jersey and fleece garments.


Prato Region, Italy

This is where you’ll find several of our longstanding partners, specializing in wool cloth, high-quality fabrics and intricate weaves.


Experts in working with denim and stonewashing, our committed partners work with us to optimize resources and develop more responsible and cost-effective treatment methods.


For many years now, we have been collaborating with our Bulgarian partners, providers of excellent garment assembly and finishing work and experts in tailored garment production, who have recently begun implementing conscious management initiatives.


In India, we find ancestral know-how – embroidery, quilting, patchwork, natural dyes, and more. The factories we work with are all meticulously selected and audited.


Specializing in fuzzy sewing, pleated fabrics, silk, and more, our Chinese partners have unparalleled expertise in the development of complex knitted fabrics. They are committed to more virtuous lines of management and undergo regular audits. These are the reasons why we have been working with them for numerous years.


Spain is where we source the majority of our buttons and the fabrics that make up most of our iconic trousers.


Together with our Moroccan partners, we produce extremely high-quality finished products in the heart of the Mediterranean Basin, drawing on expertise that ranges from denim and knitted fabrics to fuzzy sewing and the production of intricate pieces.


Turkish know-how across animal husbandry and the treatment of hides is unparalleled. That is why we choose partners here, who are shearling specialists, to develop unique, high-quality leather pieces.